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Spring is approaching. As seasonal changes beckon, you can look forward to warming weather. Often, fronts accompany the warming trend, and with these fronts might come storms.  The risk of severe weather increases during the spring. With it comes a higher risk of property damage. READ MORE >>

There’s nothing wrong with buying a used car. They can provide a sturdy set of wheels without the price tag of a brand new vehicle. Nevertheless, buying used comes with its risks. If you’ve decided that you want to buy used, do your research beforehand. READ MORE >>

Making a film of any kind often means some form of on-location shooting. Whether you’re filming a documentary, drama or infomercial, you might use someone else’s property to help set the scene. Whenever you film on location, you have the potential to damage someone else’s property. READ MORE >>

You may know that as a renter you need renters insurance. But, why? Why do you need to purchase a policy if you do not own the property? Many people misunderstand the difference in the coverage a landlord or property owner purchases and renters insurance. READ MORE >>

Life insurance seems like a simple investment. You buy it. If you die while it is in place, it pays your loved ones a sum of money. However, there are other benefits to this insurance plan. In some ways, it can be an excellent way to leave tax-free money to a loved one after death. READ MORE >>

Condominiums serve as wonderful home options for many buyers. You may not want the heavy upkeep responsibilities of full home ownership. But it may also be time to look for a larger home than an apartment. Condominium ownership can represent the best of both worlds. Condo owners still face liability and property risks. READ MORE >>

Louisiana startups rarely start with a list of business insurance they will need to be successful. Instead, they generally begin with a big idea and way to fulfill a need in the market. One type of insurance protects the organization as it is under development as well as the people with the big ideas. READ MORE >>

A home is the largest purchase most Americans will ever make. They want to protect it and their belongings in the event of an unpreventable disaster. This is why most people carry homeowners' insurance. Yet, having full coverage does not mean paying top dollar for home insurance premiums. READ MORE >>

The summer’s here and it’s time to hit the road. Before you go, planning ahead can save you time and money. Getting your car prepared is the first step to a great road trip. Not only can maintenance improve your finances, it can also protect your insurance risks. READ MORE >>

A well-functioning boat reduces your chances of accidents when you are out on the water. If your boat suffers from malfunctions or stress, you face safety risks for both you and your passengers. You can even pose problems to other boaters on the water, and even others on land. READ MORE >>

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